The Reaper's Dog is a twin-stick shooter with a herding minigame and cats with laser eyes. As the Grim Reaper's faithful dog, you are tasked with guiding animals' souls to the afterlife. Help crazed animals by pacifying them with your laser eyes; then enter the spirit world and herd souls into the Vortex of Transcendence. Don't worry though, you can reenter the realm of the living at any time, and you'll want to quickly. Staying in the spirit realm for too long proves fatal - even for a canine demigod. Make your master proud!

Has gamepad support! Gamepad controls:

  • Move: left stick.
  • Aim: right stick.
  • Shoot: left or right shoulder button.
  • Re-enter realm of the living: A

If you prefer mouse and keyboard:

  • Move: arrow keys or WASD
  • Aim: mouse pointer
  • Shoot: left click
  • Re-enter realm of the living: E or middle mouse button

Thanks for playing! Contact me at @snicklodocus or If you enjoyed this game, consider helping me make games monthly by supporting me on Patreon. Thank you!


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